About Biobot Biodiesel Processor

Fuel is made, stored and dispensed directly to the car from the processor which is mounted on wheels and easily tucked away in the garage, workshop or shed after use.

As these machines have a built-in dry resin wash process, there is no need for messy time consuming water washing. Our goal is remove the water content not add it!

The waste oil is heated using a safe, thermostatically controlled, indirect heater. This avoids the use of immersion type heaters in the mix process, which eliminates the need to pour dangerous chemicals directly over a heating element.

The chemicals which are added to the hot oil are mixed and introduced in a closed safe method. This eliminates having to precariously pour hazardous chemicals directly into the reactor vessel.

Biobot can provide full training support and assistance.

Prices for bio diesel processors start for under £1,000.