The Biobot Range

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Biobot 150 - Biodiesel processor

  • 150 litres per batch
  • Extra wide removable top for maximum ventilation
  • Safe thermostatically controlled heat belt
  • 28mm industrial hoses for increased circulation
  • Easy to use front panel control
  • Integrated heavy duty metal heat sump
  • Closed, safe catalyst mix draw system
  • Internal resin ‘dry wash system’
  • Fuel dispensing system with final filter
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Biobot 75 - Biodiesel processor

  • Simple Front Panel Operation
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heat Process
  • Closed, Safe Integrated Catalyst Mix Process
  • Water Wash System, with Automatic Level Control
  • Heavy Duty Metal Oil Heat Sump
  • Built-in 10 Micron Final Filter with Water Trap
  • Dispensing Nozzle with Heavy Duty Hose
  • Modular Design with optional add-ons (Including Integrated Resin Dry Wash Process)
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Biobot Self Assembly

  • 75 litres per batch
  • Steel heat sump
  • Conical reaction vessel
  • Extra wide removable top for increased ventilation
  • Auto level water wash
  • Safe & robust design
  • Methoxide draw system
  • Easy pour waste oil inlet
  • De-water drain
  • 10 Micron final filter
  • Dry wash option
  • Fuel nozzle option
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Biobot offers a complete range of bio diesel processors and all associated hardware and consumables.

  • Make your own Fuel for just 15 pence per litre
  • Produce up to 2500 litres per year Duty Free

The Biobot range of processors will produce 50 to 100 litres of bio diesel. The units are small, safe and very easy to use requiring less than one hours work to produce enough fuel to run the family car or small van.

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